About Emma Robinson

Hello, I’m Emma, a still life, food & interiors photographer based in London.

I work with art directors, stylists and clients on styled photo shoots in my studio and on location. My work is precise, thoughtful, uncluttered and natural with lighting to enhance texture and form.

I photograph and style ‘things’ - choosing (and making) props and backgrounds and arranging them to create carefully balanced images.

My background in architecture is reflected in my use of the studio as a stage - pictures are built up during a shoot through careful placement of objects, props and lighting.

I am also a keen gardener and my personal work is inspired by the garden and nature, exploring objects' potential as metaphors for themes including the transience of life and memory.

My work is driven by a fascination with the alluring and elusive quality of photographs, and the desire to convey meaning and tell stories through still life photography.

I like to meet my clients face to face, so feel free to call or email me to arrange a meeting.

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Published product and lifestyle photography

I have been commissioned by Quarto Publishing for books and book cover photography. My work is published in several craft and lifestyle books.

Client list

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MA Photographic Studies, University of Westminster (with merit) 2012

Post Grad. Certificate Photography, University of the Arts, London